2-part question: Property deed and payment of loan

I owned a piece of property for many years before I married. It was paid off. My STBX, who could not get a credit card due to bankruptcy before we married, maxxed mine out to the tune of over $30K. Due to a posting error (the CC’s fault, not mine), one payment did not get credited on time and the interest rate jumped to almost 30 percent. The monthly payment was more than I could handle on my income, so I borrowed money against my property to pay off the CC. Yeah, stupid, I know, but I had no idea at the time that my STBX was just milking me for everything. When all my resources were gone, my STBX left me. At tax time, I learned that in the process of borrowing the money against my property, my STBX’s name was put ON THE DEED instead of just on the Deed of Trust.

What can be done to protect my ownership of my property?

Can my STBX be held responsible for half the loan?

Thank you for your response.

If she’s on the deed then she has an interest in the property. You should find out how that happened.

Similarly, if she is on the deed of trust then she is equally responsible for the debt.