30 day waiver for divorce

Hi, I have completed my DIY divorce here in Wake County. I unfortunately was about 5 days late for getting my court date in 2011. I spoke with the court clerk and she spoke of a waiver. I have now narrowed down that I need a 30 waiver but want to make sure that everything is done properly. I am reading that I need to have the court caption included. Does this refer to the “heading” that I had to put on the paperwork? (plaintiff, defendant, file #, etc) Should I type it up just like the Judgement file? Do I write 30 Day Waiver to the right of the Plaintiff/Defendant on the form? Beyond that, it seems all she would have to write is that she waives her right to the 30 day waiting period, sign and notarize I assume? Thank you in advance for your time and info…

Yes, what you have there is correct. This will waive her 30 days required service if she signs it.

Thank You

You are welcome. Good luck!