3rd Party Waiver for AoA and/or CC in SA?


My STBX and I are handling things quite well outside on our own in terms of seperation, the Agreement, and ultimately (I hope) the divorce.

We are about to sign the Sep. Agreement and in reading the forum, it seems that the need may exist for a 3rd party waiver in the SA.


<1> How may simple verbage (i.e. a line or two) that can be inserted into the SA be worded (as there are page-long forms available, but I believe that makes it a focal point?)

<2> Will having such verbage agreed to cover any and all AofA and CC claims brought by either party (i.e. if I find out that SHE had something on the side prior to seperation/divorce, I cannot go back against THAT person, either?)

THANK YOU in advance for your help! This forum has been very helpful, and I am very appreciative for it’s existence!