Abandonment/Force Me To Leave House


Get a lawyer and force ED since you provided 30k to him to buy out his exwife I have doubts as to it still being seperate property

GET A LAWYER also go after they husband for CC and the new girlfriend for AA



My husband recently left me. He moved into a house that he inherited from his mother and his girlfriend moved in 3 days later. The house that we lived in was owned by him prior to our marriage. During our marriage I provided him with $30,0000 to buy out his ex-wife. He told me he would put my name on the deed but failed to do it (I tried to force the issue several times afterwards but it did not work).

He has filed a civil suit stating that I must leave the house because it is his separate property. I am aware of the fact that NC has a marital provision in their laws. Can he force me to move out of the house?

Can I file for abandonment?