Addresses and Address Changes

I decided to move out. Our Separation Agreement is pretty much in place ( needs to be put in the correct legal format). I rented an apartment and will be moving out on September 2.

In order to make September 2 our official date of separation, what do I need to proof that we lived seperate as of that date? Is a lease agreement enough?

Things like car insurance, home insurance, mortgage(which I still going to pay for the next two years), bank accounts and drivers license are listed at the old address. Does this create a problem when we get our divorce a year from now, or should I have all addresses changed?

We own our house jointly. We are separating amicable and I do not expect that she will give me any problem.She is staying in the house with my 3 children till June 2013. Can I wait till then to change all the addresses for all these accounts?

Living separate and apart means that the parties are living in separate residences. Separation for the purpose of divorce begins when you begin to live separate and apart and when one of you intends to be permanent. You do not have to communicate that intent to the other spouse. You need to swear in front of the court under oath as to the date that one of you intended for the separation to be permanent, no additional evidence is required unless the other spouse contests the date. The proof is the sworn affidavit of the parties, or other evidence you may present such as the address change with the post office and your lease agreement, etc. If the accounts surrounding the separation are conflicting the judge will decide which account he or she believes to be true

Hi Captain - I have been told that a lease is an excellent way to prove a separation if one of the parties ever contests the date of separation…That would show that you moved out on a given date if your ex ever tried to say otherwise.