Adultry after separation?what is penalty?

Don’t sign anything unless you are sure about it.

Dear Melin_falcon:

Greetings. It is illegal for you to have sexual relations with anyone other than your spouse while you are married - this is adultery and is against the law in NC. Fornication, having sex with someone when you are single is also against the law. Sex in marriage, with your spouse, is the only legal form of sex in North Carolina.

I already answered the adultery proof about two (2) posts ago. You can file a Domestic Violence Restraining Order against him if he is harassing you to the level that it is inflicting emotional distress.

He can sue anyone for anything, but he must have a legal basis for the lawsuit or he may suffer sanctions. Thank you.

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My husband wont sign separation papers that allow “relations” of a sexual nature after the legal separation. He says it is illegal.
Fine - dont intend to do it. However - he has had me followed, photographed, used his job at an internet service provider to hack into YAHOO! to read my emails. I just dont want to spend the next 6 months of the marriage proving myself innocent.
What do you have to produce as proof of adultry after separation? Can i get him to leave me alone? What is the exact penalty in NC? Can he sue someone he suspects is “with” me without tangible proof?
Help. We were so close - agreed on everything else- even the children. If I can have an agreement without that line in there and not have to spend the remaining time in the marriage being followed and spied on - I will sign the damn thing!
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