It’s not necessarily that the person who qualified for the loan…it’s the person who stays in the marital home. Whichever spouse that ends up being.
NC is a no fault state which means that each spouse is entitled to 1/2 the marital assets and 1/2 the marital debt up to the date of separation. The only time that fault really makes a difference is in alimony.
Yes, when no children are involved the one year one day separation requirement is a little difficult to justify. But it sounds to me as though you do not agree with divorce in general so why would you want NC to make it easier by shortening the length of separation? There are some advocate groups trying to get laws changed, but the ones that I know of are mostly for parents and custody laws.


All of the assets accumulated during the marriage are subjected to equitable division. Generally and equitable division means equal. If the house is solely in her name and she is going to remain in it, she would need to pay him one half of the equity in the house. Meaning one half of the balance after you subtract the mortgage balance from the value of the house.

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If one person is used to qualify for a home then why is it that at a time of divorce one the one who qualified for the loan on her income is supposed to “buy out the other?” How is this typically rectified since I am supposing that there are very few people who can pony up half of the amount of the mortgage value? Or does it mean that the spouse is entitled to half of the principal already paid into the house? My daughter only got the house because of her being a first time buyer and a teacher in the state of NC. The bank would not have let her husband purchase the house since he was only working part time and did not make enough money. How does this work? Why is the state of NC so backwards in its laws concerning divorce? In California people are signing the papers by 6 months after their separations. There is a name for first marriages now it’s so common, called the “starter divorce”. Just wondering what it takes to get laws changed in this state…well, I see people still smoke in restaurants here, so maybe that answers my own question.