Alienation of affection / and bankruptcy


Scenario. Paramour lives in another state, outside NC. I never met paramour in person (prior to Bill 1110 passing). Paramour has filed Bankruptcy Chapter 7.

Does the Bankruptcy make it unlikely that my ex could sue, or could get anything from paramour?


Does your Paramour have any contacts of their own with NC? (i.e. living there, owning property there, working there, etc.)


The bankruptcy may make your ex less inclined to sue however bankruptcy will not vitiate any claim your ex has against your paramour. If your paramour has placed calls to you in North Carolina, the state does have jurisdiction over the claim, if your ex decides to pursue the same.


Golfball…yes, the paramour does have some connections to nc…such as working for a national company, that has a presence in NC…but paramour’s office/house is not in NC. paramour has traveled to nc before, but not to visit me.

phone contact lasted about 3 months, than Bill 1110 passed. I can prove that I had a bad marriage…ie - voice recordings going back 6 years of bad arguments, her yelling/threatening kids, etc (don’t ask why I have the recordings! been a long, hard marriage). Slept in separate bedrooms for last 2 years. I have seen an attorney 2 years ago, and than 1 year ago to get information on a separation. I have grown, adult children that can testify that the marriage sucked, etc.

All thoughts welcome…Thanks