Alimony appeals

My husband’s ex was granted alimony based on her responses to questions regarding their marriage and the responses were vague, distorted, or outright false in many cases. She conveniently forgot about a lot of things that would have reflected favorably on him. She was given more than what she was asking for in the end. He had no representation in this trial. He was facing the amputation of a body part the next day which had him tied up in knots for several weeks prior to this trial, so the details for representing his side of things were not on the top of his priority list. It couldn’t be postponed again, since it’s had already been postponed twice due to his business travel coinciding with the previous scheduled trials dates. He’s afraid he’ll lose so he’s not even going to try to get an appeal, but we need to at least try or this alimony will bankrupt us before the end of this year. What can we do before it’s too late, that is, if it isn’t already. The documents from the trial were filed yesterday.

I would also like to state that during the alimony trial, the only financial information the judge saw was a W-2 form. None of the expenditures, tax obligations, payments made for medical, dental, vision care, medications, legal expenses, loan payments, etc were admitted so the judge never saw any of the things going out, only that coming. She never heard about how long he’d kept her on his insurance after they’d been separated for years, never heard that the ex-wife never needed any financial help from him until she began running up debts on credit cards and personal loans.

He was willing to file for a QDRO, but never got the chance to file the forms with a lawyer before this alimony suit hit us.