Alimony from a spouse self-employed

I am 65 yrs old and retired on disability 7 yrs ago. Now, because of my age, it is normal retirement. My spouse is now self-employed after losing his job. On paper, he shows a Loss. If we divorce and both leave the house, most likely by foreclosure, what are my chances of getting alimony in the State of North Carolina? Does infidelity have to be part of the picture? If so, does Internet dating sites, facebook, etc. count? Also, we are living together but not in the same bedroom for the past 2 years. Taking all of these into account, what are my chances for alimony because I cannot work. Thanks.


If your spouse is still working and earning an income, and you are actually and substantially dependant on that income, you may receive alimony up to the age when your spouse retires. Infidelity on the part of the supporting spouse is not a requirement for the court to award alimony to the dependant spouse.

Infidelity is the act of engaging in sexual relations with one other than your spouse.