Alimony in NC

I am looking to get divorced as our relationship has degraded to nothing more than roomates now. We were married in 1990, all the kids are grown. She has no income. I earn $56k. I don’t know what the law says so this is why I’m asking what is required.


I’d give anything to get my marriage back on track, but my wife is hopelessly in love with another man WHO WILL NEVER LEAVE HIS MARRIAGE FOR HER.

If mending your marriage is an option, then I suggest that you pursue it.

That said, it sounds like your wife has no outside the home work skills, was a homemaker that raised your family, and your marriage was a long one, so you will get TOTALLY CREAMED with alimony and spousal support for probably the rest of your life.

It sounds like you are the supporting spouse in your relationship so an order for spousal support is very likely. The court looks to the standard of living, your wife’s need, and your ability to pay along with other factors laid out in the statute, to determine an amount and duration.