Alimony Qustion

I hope you get a attorney response but if you actually go talk to a attorney the will probably advise you against letting him walk away with all the property and the extra income that comes from it especially if you gotta take care of the kids or you can use that as a bargaining tool. Good Luck.

The real estate has potential income, when the mortgages are paid off, but for now they are just something that costs money and always need repairs. I want him to keep them, because at some point they will be a benefit to our kids, but I can’t handle them on my own. I also want him to feel like he is getting a better deal then me, because he is self employed and he told me once that if he feels like I screwed him, he would just disapear, he is the type of person who would do that. Then I would be stuck with 13 rental properties that I can’t maintain and a whole lot of business debt too. Altogether around $800,000 and no income. That is no way to start a new life.

Hi, can anyone give me a legal answer?

Can anyone help with my leagal question?

If you are looking to support yourself and kids on child support and alimony, It would be in your best interest to visit with an attorney instead of relying on a message board for assistance.

Hi, this is the third time I have posted this question. I am sure “fatherdoright” is a good guy and means well. But I could really use some legal advice about my rights before I go ahead and ask my husband to seperate and then find out that I am screwed. If I can’t get alimony, I don’t think we can live on child support alone. I am a housewife with no job skills, 2 school age kids and a toddler. We have been married for 10 years, but he has supported me financially for 15 years…so now back to the original question…

My husband has been cheating on me for the past 5 years, I found out about 18 months ago and have done everything in my power to get him to end it and save my marriage, on several occacions he told me he had broke up her, but was back together with her within the month. In September, I found out that he bought a house with his mistress in GA. He asked if the marriage was over, I told him I would make a decision in Feb. (our 10th anniversary was in Jan. I wanted to make it 10 years). I now know that he has broken up with her for real in Dec. (she was cheating on him) but I just don’t love him anymore. Since I took him back after I knew he was cheating, can I still say the divorce is his fault and get alimony? He also still talks to his “former” mistress on the phone about selling the house, and in my heart I know that once that house is gone and their tempers cool, they will hook up again. Also, we have alot of real estate and a business, I don’t want any of it, I only want child support and alimony so I can move on with my life. Can I just have all the property and business stuff transfered to his name (except the house that I live in of course)? and would it be expensive?