Instead of paying the entire amount of alimony that is court ordered, my ex husband is only paying a small part. He is currently helping our adult child with some bills and moving expenses. This “child” does work, though. I am grateful he is helping and I help our adult children also, but I did not include this in my needs when the order was made by the judge.

He feels if I take him to court for contempt for not paying alimony, the fact that he is spending money for our children will make the judge rule that he is not doing this in bad faith and he will be excused. Problem is, i need the full amount that the judge ordered for the needs of my household and to take care of minor children who live at home.

I guess i forgot to pose a question

  1. Will his defense for not paying his court ordered alimony be justified? He helps our adult children sporadically and is selective in the children he helps.

  2. Prior to helping our adult children, he said he could not pay alimony because he “did not have any extra money and only had enough for his reasonable expenses” Would his payment to his adult child show he does have “extra” or can that be considered a reasonable expenses he has.

Your ex is not fulfilling his alimony obligation, which is a willful violation of the Court Order since he has the money- giving it to the adult child does not make it right.