All you need to do is buy the house yourself.
Just get another Real Estate company to represent you and tell them you do not want her to know that it is you who are buying the house.

Or, hire lawyer and go back to court on it. The laws state alimony will be paid up until she remarries but, your agreement may override that law. It would be up to a judge to decide.


Have you spoken to her about this yourself? It’s been a couple of years and she has not received any alimony from you. Is it possible that she would agree to drop the previous agreement if you just talked to her? After all she has moved on with her life and if she can go for over two years waiting for the sell of the home for her alimony to come then she may be willing to just forget it. It never hurts to find out where she is in her way of thinking about it before you go and take other action that may cause problems or spend money on legal fees. Just see what she says and given her reaction then you can better decide which step is next for you.

I agree with Patricia1, it won’t hurt anything to ask. You may even want to talk to her about the possibility that the house will not sale and what would she want done in that instance. Maybe she would be willing to work out something with you if you are wanting to take the house off the market and stay in that residence. Is this listed as alimony in your original agreement? It sounds as though this may be considered Equitable Distribution or a settlement agreement instead of alimony…

Dear brob92:

Greetings. It depends on whether or not you have placed in your agreement that alimony ends upon remarriage as a terminating event. If you did not, then you are likely to still have to pay alimony. Thank you.

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My wife and I were separated two years ago. We signed a separation agreement in which I agreed to pay her 500 a month for 24 months after the mutual residence sold. Well it has been almost two years since the agreement went into effect and the house is still for sale. No money of any sort has been paid out and she is going to remarry next week. My question is will I have to pay her alimony after she remarries? The separation agreement basically states that I am to pay her alimony for two years. It doesnt state that if she remarries the alimony stops. Is there anything in the law that supersedes this agreement or will I be forced to pay alimony to her even after she remarries?