Can permanent Alimony reduced or modified? Especially if the spouse is working part time and has more than enough money. What reasons could a spouse have it set on a time limit or change it from the amount being paid. Does remarriage allow you to reduce the amount and how hard it is to have permanent alimony set on a time limit for it to end?

You would need to check what the court order says. Normally, remarriage or even cohabitation will end alimony responsibility. I don’t know what “permanent alimony” means exactly. I don’t know about it being reduced unless she agrees to it, but if she gets remarried, I believe that it would cease. Alimony is support paid to your ex to help them remain in the lifestyle they were accustomed to while married to you. If they marry another, their lifestyle is no longer your concern…

If alimony is set forth in a court order it can be modified based on a showing of a substantial change in circumstances made by either party. Normally remarriage or cohabitation of the payee spouse does entitle the payor to petition the court for termination of the alimony obligation.
If alimony is set forth in a separation agreement it is non-modifiable but does terminate upon the remarriage or cohabitation of the payee spouse if those terminating factors are listed in the agreement.

Let’s say the person receiving alimony cohabitates. Alimony ceases. The cohabitation union lasts 2 years and someone moves out. Does the alimony resume?

The obligation terminates upon cohabitation and cannot be revived.

If the payor has remarried and did not enter in an agreement with the payee, but was court ordered to pay Permanent Alimony can it still not be modified. Seems like a limit needs to be set for the payee. How can you set a limit on the permanent alimony? What if the payor wants to give her say a few more years on it then end it how can you do that?

The payor can move to modify alimony set forth in a court order if there has been a substantial change in circumstances affecting his ability to pay.

the answer seems very vague. How can a judge just set alimony at a certain amount forever? Shouldn’t it end at some point. We have overpaid this person we pay many times and they never stop it or reduce it. We are talking about the first time, we overpaid by about 25 thousand and now again for a year we overpaid an additional 7k. ON top of that she works parttime and has other income.

Judges can and do set permanent alimony. The statutes allow for a modification based on a showing of a substantial change in circumstances.