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Can I get an annulment?
Generally the answer to this question is no. Annulments are available only in limited circumstances in North Carolina. These circumstances include all marriages between any two persons nearer of kin than first cousins, between double first cousins, between persons either of whom is under sixteen years of age, between persons either of whom has a spouse living at the time of the marriage, between persons either of whom is at the time physically impotent, or between persons either of whom is at the time incapable of understanding the marriage vows. Additionally, a marriage contracted under the belief that the wife is pregnant, followed by the separation of the parties within 45 days of the marriage, which separation was continuous for a period of one year, shall be annulled unless a child was born to the parties within ten months of the date of separation.


i got married in florida in a civil process to man i thought i knew, once we were married i began to find things out and basically he grossly misrepresented himself in order to get me to marry him. i have known him for ten years but just married in march 2006. he is more interested in what money i have put away than working on our marriage. i have come to the realization that i do not know the man i have married he is a totally different person from what he has allowed me to see this past ten years of our friendship. Do i qualify for an annulment based on misrepresentation or fraud in North Carolina? and if so, how do i start the process?