The grounds for an annulment in NC are as follows:

If one or both of the parties is under the age of 18 when they were married;
If the parties are related by blood to a degree closer than 1st cousins;
If either one of the parties was incompetent to marry at the time they were married (for example, mentally incompetent);
If one of the parties is impotent; or
If one of the parties commited fraud (for example, Husband and Wife got married b/c Wife told Husband she was pregnant, and she wasn’t.)

It doesn’t sound that an annulment would be granted in this case. The year and day separation requirement must be met.

Does the state of North Carolina allow annullments ? A friend got re-married and it was a huge mistake and now he wants to get out. They were married for about one month but she is still in his house that is in his name? She has drained his bank accounts, do not ask me why she is still in the house. Is there anyway to make this go away or does he have to wait the year period. If an annullment can be done, what steps does he need to take.