Answering a Divorce Complaint

I received a divorce complaint from the husband today. We have a legal separation agreement, and he has violated several parts of it in our year of separation. I definitely want to have the separation agreement made part of the divorce decree. What papers do I need to do this, where do I get them, and how much do they cost to file?

The document that you will need to file is called an answer. In order for the agreement to be incorporated into the judgment, you will need to include in your answer a request that this occur. You will also need to be in court the day your case is heard to make sure that the court sees your request and that the divorce judgment reflects that the agreement is incorporated into the order.

On our website, you can find a sample answer to a divorce complaint. You will want to alter it to fit your needs.

You may also find our Rosen Online service helpful for drafting assistance.