Automactically withheld from check

if your company has direct deposit you can set it up so that X amount goes to one account and everything else goes to another. So set up an account to receive the funds and talk to your HR department. No reason to get a lawyer or courts involved.


Just a suggestion here…does the husband’s employer offer direct deposit? If so, then he could have whatever amount he has agreed to pay his wife deducted from his check and deposited directly into her checking accnt…Definitely don’t need a lawyer to do that.

A couple has seperated, on their own they write out a agreement on what and who should pay what, sign it in front of a notary, wife files for CS which is part of the agreement and that is being withheld from the check. The husband has also agreed to pay so much X in money to go to house payments, bills, etc… has been paying faithful on those payments. what they want to do is set it so that the X amount of money is also withheld from H check like the CS payments, they have heard that it is a simple procedure but no clue to how, neither have money to hire a lawyer to do it for them, how can they do it on their own? What and do they need to file something with the courts? H and W both agree to this but no clue how to do it. Any advice much appreciated.