Both parents relocating to another state

My ex husband and I moved to NC from TX. We are considering a move back to Texas. We have joint legal custody.

Since we can’t logistically move at exactly the same time, I’m wondering if there is paperwork that needs to be filed that states that each parent allows the other to relocate without altering the custody agreement.

Our daughters would stay with me regardless of whether or not I move to TX first or follow later. I have a feeling I would be the first to relocate, with my ex moving later. I’m apprehensive about leaving with just a verbal “ok” from him.

Is there an official form or document that should be filled out and/or filed with the court system?

I can understand your apprehension. Even if you are able to agree on custody, it is nice to have that agreement in written form for peace of mind. I would want a consent order on modification entered to show the plans of the parties, what custody will look like when the parties live in separate states, and what will happen both parties get to Texas so he cannot later say you moved the children to Texas in contempt of the order currently in place.