Breach of consent order

My ex and I were divorced in January of 2003…it has been 7 years of harassment. He has tried to bankrupt me in several different ways. He has literally pushed me to my limit. In our consent order it states “That all payments and obligations will be paid timely when due any failure to make payments timely will result in the breach of this agreement.” We own property together and he has been late (late penalty and additional interest charged) on mortgage payment and Property Owner taxes. My question is what does breach of this agreement mean exactly? Does it mean I can sue for damages (to my credit) or does it mean that the consent order is invalid and we start over? He has twisted and turned this agreement into a shadow of what the original intent (or so I thought) was. Thanks for any help/advice.

You may file a motion to in have him held in contempt for violating the Order. The judge may order that he reimburse you for any loss you incurred as a result of the breach, but the remedy will be within in the judges sole discretion.