Breach of Sep Agreement


Ex is not meeting the date for getting house(s) out of my name, per the sep agreement. I realize that I will need to sue for breach of contract. My question: can I get money from her? meaning , since the houses are not out of my name, I’m losing money (ie- I can’t buy another house because debt to income is too high, I can’t get write off from buying a new house, investment opportunity from buying new house, rates are going up and I am missing out on low-interest loan opportunities, not to mention professional appearances…success in my job may require home entertainment from time to time which I can’t do very well in an apartment). So…can I sue her for breach AND have a judge force her to make up for my (potential) losses?



Depending on what your separation agreement says the judge may order her to make up for any losses you incur as a result of her breach of the agreement.