Bringing child to court for judge to interview?

I think I know the answer to this already, but is there any chance of making some kind of motion or request, something along those lines, to have my six-year-old brought to court for the judge to interview her personally? I know Ive read it somewhere that judges WILL talk to a child as young as age six, but that it is unusual, and it’s done in the judge’s chambers.

I"m thinking you are going to tell me no, don’t waste my time, but I just wanted to double check.

Thank you.

You may ask the judge to interview the child, but he or she would likely refuse in my opinion. Your daughter is very young and should not be placed in the middle.

Oh, I AGREE! Neither one of these kids should put in the middle of this. But people keep telling me: Tell the judge that you want her to interview the little one!

And I keep saying, no, no, no, I don’t think that is good for her.

I don’t wnat it done anyway, but jsut in case something else happens–this child WANTS to confide in me because she is scared and upset–how would I go about asking for such a thing? I really, really don’t want this, and I don’t even think that she would open to a judge. I think she’d get very scared. I mean, think about it. I am the one she says she feels safe with, to confide in. How is she going to respond to a judge, in the black robe, without anyone familiar there? Even though this is a very outgoing, talkative child, I think she’d clam up. There’s only so much anyone can ask of someone so young.

But just in case something really outrageous happens, would I file a motion? What would it be called?

If you want your child to be involved you can subpoena the child to court, and it will be up to the judge to decide whether to hear testimony from the child.