Can I stop paying my Mortgage to get my wife to sell?


The Mortgage is in both our names. She does not work at all.
She refuses to sell the house.
We desparately need to separate before things get uglier.
Is not paying the mortgage a good tactic ?
I do not know how to leverage things so she’ll sell.
She wants to keep living in the house with our girls (13 & 7), me move out, me keep working paying bills/mortgage/everything.
and she not have to work at all.


By reading this, I can see your pretty upset.

You should think of two strong hearted reasons why you shouldn’t do this.

  1. you have young children living in that home.
  2. Do you honestly want to screw your credit up?

You may need to sell the home, but thinking of yourself and not your children isn’t going to look good. Just take matters into the court system. Your STBX needs a place right now for your children. You paying the debts until the divorce, just show the kind hearted person you are.

If you haven’t had your temp court date yet. Get one one set and discuss your feelings about everything going on. Your STBX is 100% able to get a job. Your children are school age children. There should be no reason of her not being able to one.

Good luck.


No, the home is likely the largest asset in the marital estate. I suggest you meet with an attorney to formulate a plan of action, it appears as though you will have to initiate a lawsuit to deal with this situation, as you wife is being very unreasonable.


I’d continue to pay it. While you’re love of the house is gone, you need to think in terms of reality and economics. A foreclosure will affect you until 2020 (the year of our Lord two thousand and twenty)