Can you waive alimony in a post-nuptial agreement in SC?


Scenario: Couple splits and signs sep agreement waiving alimony. Then they reconcile. 5 years later they split again. The alimony clause from the initial agreement is invalid in NC because since the couples reconciled that agreement became a post-nuptial contract. What about SC? What if the divorce were moved down to SC if all parties are living there or plan to move there? Could the previous sep agreement from 5 years ago still be considered valid? Isn’t it just a contract?

I know that you cannot in NC because it is considered to be against the public good. Does anyone know if SC has that same restriction? I dug around a few websites and was unable to find that information (and was barely able to find it from the NC side, in fact 1 lawyer I talked with did not even know this fact about NC, so I am glad I came here before making decisions based on that assumption)




This forum only encompasses NC law. Under NC law the provisions with respect to alimony in an agreement are void upon and after reconciliation.