Ceased Paying Alimony

My Fiance’s ex-husband sent an email to her stating that he was going to cease paying Alimony - because he claims that she and I are cohabitating. He ceased paying Alimony in January. While I do typically spend a few nights at her place (on random weekends) – I do maintain my own residence, pay my own bills, and we each do not contribute to the other persons household. I live in my residence with my kids. She lives in her residence with her kids. I do not have a key to her place. She does not have a key to my place. She does randomly watch or walk my dog (maybe 4 days a Month). I am appalled that the act of me spending time with her - at her house, has turned into the act of Co-habitation – and feel that it is her ex-husbands way out of avoiding paying Alimony. The entire “cohabitating” definition seems rather vague – and open to interpretation to basically however you want to interpret it. What I do know is — infrequent weekend time spend together certainly does not constitute living together as if we were married for an extended period of time. It’s a real stretch to say that seeing someone on the weekends is cohabitating.


  • To stop paying Alimony - does her ex-husband have to file a legal document with the courts to do so? The only thing that she got from him was an Email - saying no more Alimony due to Cohabitation.

  • What does she need to do to contest or make a complaint to the fact that her ex-husband has ceased paying Alimony?

  • Can an individual file this complaint, without a lawyer – at the NC Courthouse?

Thank You for your help!

I’ve also been told by an attorney, that regular maintenance of a household could be construed and used as evidence of cohabitation… for example you regularly mow her lawn, etc.