Certificate of Service


The Order to attend orientation and mediation was mailed via certified mail. The mother was told, but did not pick it up in time. The PO returned it to me not signed. What is the next step. She knew it was there but said she could not get off work to pick it up. If she is willing to sign a notarized statment that she knew it was there and that she wants the orientation to continue as planned. Would this be o.k.? I do not want to have to resend this out.


You may resend it via regular mail and file her affidavit.


Thanks for your response. Just to clarify, If the Mother signs, dates, and has it notarized a statement that she was aware of the date of the orientation , mediation, custody and child support complaint, but was not able to go to the post office to pick up the certified mail this will be acceptable, If it is resent via regular mail and then file her statement with the Wake County court?


Her statement to the court will be conclusive proof that she knew of the dates and did not attend.