Changing Physical Custody?

We agreed that my ex would obtain physical custody of our child, when we divorced several years ago. I was granted liberal visitation etc… Recently, I received a call from the ex advising that due to changes with the child, they would like for the child to come live with me. Of course I said yes! The child moved out of state, but will be returning to live in NC with me (where the divorce etc was completed). The return is happening before we can get anything taken care of with the courts.And to be honest, I don’t know that the ex is willing to have the court papers changed. Is there a form we should have notarized to make it quasi official in the interim? The ex is willing to do a notarized form …

Thank you

You can try to see if she will agree to you both entering into a consent order on this matter. If so, you don’t have to file any motions to modify.

The do-it-yourself service of this website will be beneficial to you. We have sample forms for you to reference there. You will need to draft a Consent Order, have you both sign and notarize it, then you would file it to get a judge’s signature.

thank you

You’re welcome!