Changing separation agreement from out of state

My ex-husband and I divorced in NC, but I now live in another state with my daughter. We did our separation agreement/judgment for divorce through a collaborative divorce firm. My ex-husband is significantly behind in both child support and alimony (thousands of dollars), and hasn’t complied with other financial aspects of our separation agreement. He is making significantly less now than he did when we divorced (has quit 4 jobs in the last 3 years), and so our separation agreement needs to be modified, and I would also like to pursue some kind of action to recoup the money I’m owed and make sure he actually pays it in the future.

Do I need to find an attorney in NC to do this, or can I use one locally? Thank you!

An agreement usually will say where the contract should be enforced. If it doesn’t, you will likely need to file suit where the courts have jurisdiction over him.