Cheating Spouse

How is alimony determined? My spouse cheated several times during our marriage and I want this brought to light in court and I want alimony. She currently is making more money than I am. During the marriage on paper made more money, but she actually brought home more money due to my previous alimony and child support obligations.


The statute states that the court shall award alimony to the dependent spouse upon a finding that one spouse is a dependent spouse, that the other spouse is a supporting spouse, and that an award of alimony is equitable after considering all relevant factors.

If the court finds that the supporting spouse participated in an act of illicit sexual behavior, as defined in G.S. 50‑16.1A(3)a., during the marriage and prior to or on the date of separation, then the court shall order that alimony be paid to a dependent spouse.

See the whole statute for all the factors considered. N.C.G.S. 50-16.3A

KP is right, if your spouse is really cheating on you, you can prefer to divorce with her or ask the court for help.
In basic, you need to have proof to charge her.