Child Custody


I’m not an attorney, but from what I know a divorce can go through prior to child custody arrangements. Basically, to be decided on at a later date. Hope this helps.



I’m thinking the answer is no but if your spouse is going to contest the divorce it can be a long drawn out process inwhich you might want to do everything at the same time, divorce,custody and equitable distribution.


Child Custody is a separate legal matter. While you can address child custody along with the divorce, the matter can be addressed prior to and after the divorce. The court retains jurisdiction to address child custody matters while the children are minors. Hope this helps.

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My question is… in the state of NC, when one files for divorce, is the child custody made part to this agreement as well, or does child custody have to be done separately?

I thank you in advance for your response.

Cheryl C. Swords