Child custody

I don’t know if I’ve ever seen that term “secondary” used in terms of custody on this site but I would imagine the one parent has primary custody and therefore the other has secondary and this is what is meant. In terms of rights, much of that has to be spelled out by the parents or their lawyers…they should be able to have equal access to medical and school records for the children. I would imagine that unless a parent gives up their parental rights and has no visitation or contact with the child(ren) and pays no support, the court cannot assign sole physical or legal custody.

Secondary physical custody and secondary legal custody generally means that the party with secondary physical custody spends less time with the minor child and that the parent with secondary legal custody has the pirmary right to make decisions for the children. Sole custoy means that the parent with sole custody has the exclusive right to custody and decison making for the child.

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