Child Support and Equitable Distribution Linked Together

My wife left me Sept 2010 with 4 children still living in the home. 3 minor. We had a separation agreement, but she had it overturned because I asked for child support. August 2011 she agreed to pay child support and did so for 8 months. September 2012 The court overturned the separation agreement and child support order. I was not represented by an attorney and she is. Now she is suing me for Equitable Distribution and the Judge will not allow the county attorney to pursue child support and I have filed a suit for retroactive child support all of which he has tied together. Now our next court date in for January 2014. Question? Is it even legal to tie Child Support to ED? If so how can I get them separated? It for sure is not in the best interest of the children. Thx.

I have never heard of a judge not allowing the county to go forward with a child support claim due to a pending equitable distribution claim. You should have a consultation with an attorney in your area and discuss the court filings and rulings to this point to get an understanding of how to move your case forward.