Child support calculation- contract/ temp worker

  1.  Does the state assume that a person works 40 per week when they base child support by the hourly rate? Example: He says that since he is a contract employee, he does not get paid for bank holidays (8), vacation days (15), and sick days (10). How would that be calculated?
  2.  How does using income tax returns to determine income work? If a person is a contract employee, does the State determine his income by taking the average of his last 3 years of income tax returns? Meaning adding all three together, dividing by 3, and then dividing the total by 12?
  3.  In this situation since he is a contract employee, which way would the state use to determined income for him?

There are no hard and fast rules for calculating income pursuant to the child support guidelines. If a party can present evidence that he/she is not paid for sick days, vacation days and holidays, the court could logically exclude these from the calculation. If a party changes jobs frequently for different contracts, an argument could be made to average yearly income and/or current income to come up with a reasonable income amount for the support calculations.