Child Support Enforced By NCCHS

Hi, I am a dependent spouse and parent of 3 kids. My ex and I established a monthly child support, that at the beginning of our separation, (2/1/2013) this support was given most of the time on the date and amount agreed. However, in the recent months, my ex has been struggling with providing this support. She is self employed and my question is, if I submit a case & form to the North Carolina Child Support office, would they be able to make her pay, regardless of her income? I don’t want to put her finances on jeopardy, however, the kids and I can’t depend on whenever she may be able to send the support we agreed on.
Please advice. Thanks!

The child support agency will enforce the current child support order. You will be assigned a case worker, and you explain your desires to them as it relates to the enforcement.

Thank you for the reply. However, the Child support
We agreed on, is not based on any Court Order,
So, my next question is, if I don’t have a Court Order
For Child Support, can I still submit my form to NCChild
Support Enforcement Agncy?

You should contact the agency and discuss their involvement with enforcing your agreement. They will likely just file a new complaint for you and start a new child support obligation. It really depends on the wording of the child support provision in the separation agreement and whether it is modifiable.