Child support enforcement


The last child support hearing was in January, and the order specified that it would be reviewed in March. The case was not heard that day (there wasn’t time) and it was not rescheduled. At 5pm after sitting in court all day I briefly met with my case worker (I am the custodial parent) and was told that she would have the judge write an order based on some information she took from me and wrote on a spare envelope.

If it’s relevant, she didn’t remember any details of my case. I asked if she needed information about my income and she said “No, you’re unemployed.” I told her that I am employed full-time and a student part-time, and gave here a paper detailing my expenses - she preferred to write it down, as I said, on a spare envelope.

I’ve called her about once a week for the past two months. Her voicemail states “We will return your call within three working days.” So after a week goes by, I call again.

When I have spoken with her she has told me either “There is no information in the system,” or that she will call me back the following day, and she has not. She doesn’t return my calls. When I have spoken with a different case worker, I have been told that there appears to be no order in the system, aside from the one entered in January, and to speak with my case worker, who is the supervisor.

If it was set for review, shouldn’t it be reviewed? The current information was entered when the noncustodial parent was unemployed, and he is presently employed. If my caseworker is unable to speak to me about my case, who can I contact? The noncustodial parent is not currently paying child support, despite an order that is presently in effect. At what point will the order be enforced? And does child support enforcement have any obligation to inform me about the details of the case? They have not contacted me on their own since the case began, I have only learned about hearings from calling my case worker (once I happened to call the day before, and was told that my presence was required, but they had made no other effort to contact me, although they confirmed that they have accurate contact information.)

It’s not that I want the money, although it would obviously help. What should I be expecting and what can I do if this is not being handled as it should be?


Your case should be reviewed, and I would suggest that you visit CSE and ask to speak with a supervisor to explain how your case has been neglected.


Thank you for replying.

What legal recourse do I have if my case is not handled adequately, and what determines adequacy?

Can I take the noncustodial parent to court over arrears without relying on CSE?

And what level of communication should I expect from CSE? To what information do I have a right? I have been told (earlier, by my caseworker) that they don’t mail out copies of the child support orders, and that they do not contact the noncustodial parent about upcoming hearings.

What are my responsibilities?


Are you set-up online with the NC SCE site? Hmmm wouldn’t let me post the site. Try to figure this one out :slight_smile:

www dot ncchildsupport dot com / parents

If you log on (or create an account) it shows you the running balance of money owed, your case information (limited) and whether you’re under a court order for child support.

It will also tell you of any pending/future court dates. You should get a notice in the mail close to the court date.

If your ex is behind over one month on support (at a level of one month’s support), then the agency can persue enforcement. It has to satisfy both of those criteria. One month late, one month’s support.