Child Support in Excess of Calculated Amount


Can the judge specify an amount above the calculated amount and claim that the new amount was necessary because the calculated amount “didn’t meet the needs of the children”?

Other facts:

  • this was a downward adjustment of a child support amount due to a downward adjustment in income
  • there are no extraordinary expenses

Another question, can a judge order the obligor to provide company records (s-corp in the case that is wholly owned by the obligor)? Judge demanded records showing income and expenses.

Final question, if the current spouse works part time for the obligor’s company, can the court demand information about that spouse’s income (from the obligor’s company)?


A judge can order support which deviates from the child support guidelines if he or she finds a deviation (in either direction) is just and proper considering the reasonable needs of the children.
A judge can order the production of documents relating to a business and may direct that the business provide the same.