Child Support Modification

I had entered a motion to modify my child support because the management at my second job changed and they weren’t using me at all for almost 2 1/2 months. So of course, my ex-wife continued it so I haven’t had my hearing yet (over three months now) But now I have been getting some hours because I’m filling in for summer vacations so I figured the judge would not let my child support be reduced. So I wanted to withdrawal my motion to modify my child support. I went to the clerk of courts office and she said I would just have to go to the hearing and tell the judge that I want to drop it. I really don’t want to go to court because every time I go, I get screwed. My ex has a free lawyer from DSS helping her and I can’t afford one which I don’t think is fair or just at all. What can I do to drop my motion without getting screwed? I was thinking about just not showing up.

You can file ( and serve your ex with) a voluntary dismissal. Here is a link to the form: