Child support modification

My ex husband and I separated in 2003 and child support was determined in our separation agreement. It has now been 8 yrs and a friend at my attorney’s office advised me to go through my local social services office to fill out application with them to have child support modified since they have access to all employment records, etc.rather than paying an attorney to do this for me. In January of this year I filled out all the necessary paperwork to get this process started. My ex husband works at a very small close-knit company. I’m guessing the discovery process has started since a friend of mine who happens to work with my ex has heard conversation around his office about “how they can hide some of his income”. Is this legal for them to do? Can’t an employer get in trouble for not disclosing all income? I’m sure you can’t answer for the social services office, but couldn’t they subpoena tax filings, etc. to get to the “true” income. I happen to have a pay stub from Dec. 2010 for my ex which proves what he has made through that date which includes sales salary, bonus, vacation pay and holiday pay which. “All” income should be included, correct? Are there consequences for employers if they lie when asked to provide income information? I have the money to hire an attorney and don’t want to skimp in this process. This will ultimately go to child support court i am told. I am told they go by the NC child support guidelines and I should be fine; that is, if we get to the correct income amount. Should i feel confident that the attorneys working for child support will get to the bottom of this and can handle this adequately?

No, hiding income to suppress child is not legal. Your ex can be penalized for not being honest about his income. You should report everything you hear to your case worker and have confidence in your attorney.