Child Support Modification

Quick question - I understand the child support laws/guidelines as follows in my own words:

No modification of child support is required if the order on record/current order is less than 3 years old and if the change of income is less than 15%. In other words, a change in income of either parties of 10%, for instance, would not require a modification of support.

Is this accurate? Does this also means that back child support is not applicable? In other words, if the income changes 10% in the first year of the order and is not modified until the mandatory 3-year review, is the obligator required to pay back support for two years of 10% difference? Or is everything under 15% a wash for three years??

The 15% change refers to the amount of support as calculated, not a 15% change in the parties’ income. There would be no back support resulting from a change in pay, as the current order remains in effect until a modification takes place.