Child support modification


My ex is a teacher and will receive a significant raise at the beginning of the school year, and our child will be starting school and no longer be in need of daycare. I was thinking of filing a modification of child support, what is the process and costs involved? Also, I found in your statutes that she cannot take into account the entire medical insurance premium, only the part that covers the child. I have visitation custody. Also, can we ask for more visitation is the modification or does it only cover support? Please advise. Thank you.


You will need to file a motion to modify child support and have hearing to present the new evidence regarding income and child care costs. You are correct regarding the insurance costs, only the cost should be included in the calculation.
You may move to modify custody and visitation at the same time as you move to mofidy support, however you must be able to prove that a substantial change in circumstances has occurred which affects the best interests of the child.


Thank you for your reply. What is the process for modification and would we need an attorney?


I recommend that you do see an attorney, if for nothing else but to discuss the particulars of your case and to ensure the circumstances in your case are appropriate for a modification.