Child Support-Nonpayment

My ex is court ordered to pay child support (not through DSS). He is also ordered to have his wages garnished. In 2004 I was able to prove he got fired from his job for theft and the judge put in the agreement that he could not have his child support reduced going forward because of this. He has been held in contempt 6 times for non payment. The most severe punishment he received was he had one week to pay $500 or he would go to jail, he paid it and then nothing else. February 1 marks one year since he has paid anything. I have proof he is working and that his wages are not garnished. Is there a more punitive action to request other than contempt? It seems like the punishment should be more severe now that it has been a full year, along with all the other missed payments. It is very frustrating when they do nothing and he walks out responsibility free everytime and I am out time from work, and attorney fees. Thanks in advance for your help.

The only remedy you have is a motion for contempt. The more motions you have to file, the more likely a judge will increase the penalty for nonpayment. I would also ask for attorney fees associated with filing the motion so he knows you are serious.