Child Support question

I went through DSS to establish child support for my 2 children well he never responded to the child support order so in turn we had to go to court well when the judge ordered his amount to pay it was extrememly low not even enought to cover the cost of child care… I spoke with the DSS worker and she showed me what he makes for the year which is impossible because the last 10 years we have been married he has made 20-30 grand more than what was on the paper work… How is that possible? and is there any way to fight this? IM confused and upset and is not hurting me but my childrens well being in the long run… DSS told me I cant reevaluate anything for 3 years but I know he is lying!! What can I do ? PLEASE HELP

If you have reason to believe and can prove that he hid another source of income you may go back to court, however the fact that he is now earning less than he did before, on its own, is not enough to go back to court.