Child Support Review?

My ex husband and I do not have a formal agreement in place for custody or support. We did a DIY separation agreement and then just had it notarized. After 2 years of having to chase him down to ask for child support payments, and bounced checks, I took the paperwork to CSE to have them enforce it. They never asked for income verification or anything else, they just took a copy of the signed agreement and entered it. Even then, the amount was lower than it should have been according to the guidelines; and since then, my ex has had multiple raises and bonuses, and makes over 6 figures, and also owns his own business on the side.

My children are 15 and 11, and the 15 year old does not spend any overnights at her father’s house due to abuse issues from a step-sibling. The 11 year old has only spent 15 overnights this year with the father.

How do they determine what the proper support amount would be if there is no custody agreement in place? I am the custodial parent, and I keep track of the overnights via calendar, but I wondered how that works? Based on the number of overnights that my son spends, even if it WERE 50/50 (which it is not), and my daughter not spending any, the worksheets show that my support is very lopsided.

CSE should contact him to get income information. Once CSE has the income information they will calculate the correct amount of support. If he doesn’t agree to a support amount then you may have to file for child support.