Child Support

Mom had custody of minor child. The child is now 13 and wants to stay with her dad. Mom and dad verbally agree to let the child live with the dad for a “trial period” of three months. Basically, the custody arrangement is reversed, the child stays with the dad, mom gets every other weekend visitation for the three months. Now the trial period is over and it is has been made permanent, both parties agreed out of court and had the custody changed. Dad now has primary and mom has secondary.
Question: Does mom have to pay back the monies she received as child support for the three month trial arrangement. In the consent order that was filed, it is stated the dad paid the monies to the mom even though the child was not living primarily with the mom. Or does the mom get to keep that money being by court order she had primary custody/placement even though the child was not living with her??


No, she does not have to pay the support back.