Child support

I have a question about child support and what it covers. My ex and I are almost completely divorced and have agreed on a child support amount and have joint custody. My question is concerning what the child support is intended to cover. Does it cover the car insurance that applies to our children? Also clothing. She is asking to offset other extra expenses every time she buys our daughter some clothes. Is clothing supposed to be part of the child support? Our daughter is in several different activities which I contribute to but my ex is trying to say " I bought some clothes so you pay for this other extra."

Child support is intended to meet the reasonable needs of children while they are in the care of the receiving parent, combined with their income. Clothing would certainly be a part of that, though I doubt car insurance would be. That is not to say that you are obligated to contribute to car insurance or other extra’s, unless of course there is an order requiring that you do.