Claim for Attorney Fees


Ex filed a Motion to Modify Custody - claims in the Motion were not true. We had a hearing in June. He didn’t bother to appear. I had filed a response and counter motion with a request for attorney fees.

The judge held open my claim for atty fees because I didn’t have required documentation from my attorney (I’m now pro-se). Our hearing is 10/26.

The basis for my claim is that his Motion was filed specifically for the purpose of harassing me and trying to coerce me into dropping child support. My ex has never had much to do with the kids in the past and has exercised visitation irregularly and when he did, it wasn’t for more than a few hours.

What do I need to prove for my claim for attorney fees? I’m trying to determine what witnesses I need to bring that day.

You need to present evidence of your spouse’s bad faith actions, and the hardship it has created for you.