Claiming child on taxes

My custody agreement which was redone in the last 2 years with an attorney and filed in the court. The agreement says that I can claim minor child1 on my taxes and my x gets to clain the child2. Child2 aged out last year and did not get continue schooling so my x can no longer claim child2 (who is now 20). In 2010 child1 ended up staying at the x’s a couple of months before turning 18 (as x allowed child1’s boyfriend to stay over and I didn’t). Child1 turned 18 in August 2010.

My x wants to turn things around and x says x is going to claim child1. Since I have legal papers that I get to ‘claim minor child1’ on my taxes and since child1 was still a minor for most of 2010 do I still get to claim child1? I appreciate any advise you can give.

Yes, if your order states that you may claim the child, you can unless and until your ex attempts to modify the order and prevails in court.

Thanks for the feedback, this is good to know.
Another question. Since the order says that I can claim the ‘minor child’ 1) who is entitled to claim child since child will be 19 this year, but is full time in school? I guess I question this since the verbage has the word ‘minor’ in the order. 2) What constitutes minor?
Thanks again.

I would assume the Order intended for your to be able to claim the child for so long as the child qualifies a a dependent.