Cohabitation definition-is it straightforward?

My ex is requesting termination of alimony based on the fact that he believes my fiancé and I are cohabitating. My fiancé stays with me every other week and returns to his home the other week. I am seeking clarification on the definition of “cohabitation”. My understanding is that it needs to be continuous. My ex hired a private investigator but no proof of cohabitation was provided to me. What evidence proves cohabitation? It seems very vague to me.

Cohabitation is not a cut and dry issue, especially in circumstances such as yours. You would be best served by a consultation to discuss all the facts surrounding your alimony, living situation, and pending nuptials to determine a course of action.

I have heard the same thing. It can be a matter of how it’s presented to the court. Even if your partner has another place to live but regularly stays with you, mows your lawn, gets your mail, etc… that can easily paint a picture of “cohabitation”.