I guess what I am really looking for is what length of time does cohabitation need to occur before a person can have a support order modified? I know that my now ex-wife has her boyfriend staying with her most of the time. He has keys to her house, and goes there for lunch most days. He even answers the phone while he is there at lunch. The support that I pay her is quite excessive, and I would love to get it stopped. Any help would be appreciated.


Dear magicman39:

Greetings. It depends on the situation. There is no standard. If you have private investigator footage of him using his own keys, staying there many, many nights, and proof of him not bringing clothes over - then you may have something. As soon as you have the evidence, then you can use it. I suggest that you speak with an attorney, so that you know for sure what information you need (or at least with some degree of certainty since no attorney can tell you for sure).Good luck.

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Hi Janet,

Thanks for the response. But, given other things that I have been told, I have another question on this topic. My ex-wife and I are divorced, and we had no children between us. I have been told that for cohabitation to be a reason for ceasing spousal support payments, a child, or children, has to be involved. Is this true? Thank you.


What does it take to show cohabitation in NC?